"The Chairman, is a work of art. Aesthetically and politically so! Its architecture, its chairs and interior design, the food - oh, the food! the artwork in the lounge and in the gallery - yes, there is a gallery.... the music, which includes both well known and upcoming jazz musicians - and the service! I actually would not call it service, I would say it is a philosophy, an idea that people can work almost seamlessly together without hierarchies - and of course, it is located on Mahtma Gandhi Road - Eish! non violence in downtown Durban.. may our gods
bless The Chairman!"


Noosim Naimasiah

The Chairman is a project by a young Durban based firm of architects called DGIT aimed at shining the spotlight on what we believe is potentially the best urban precinct in KwaZulu Natal. As designers, we saw a perfect opportunity to lead by example and create the city we want to live in….project by project.

It is often said “it is only in bars that you can find a lawyer, university professor, taxi driver and dishwasher all talking about politics, and nobody’s supposed to pull rank”. Out of this observation came the idea of establishing our very own watering hole we call The Chairman.

“If I am lost in a forest and see a path, then I can believe…”

William James


031 368 2133 office hours 8am-4:30pm

079 753 6313 after hours

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